Create Your Own Bowl or Burrito

Follow the steps below to create your own customized burrito or bowl!

Step 1: Pick your size

Regular $11 (2 scoops of protein) 

LARGE $13 (3 scoops of protein)

Step 2: Pick Your Base 

Brown Sushi Rice

Cauliflower Rice +$2  

Spring Mix 

White Sushi Rice 

Step 3: Pick Your Proteins 

Regular – 2 scoops / LARGE – 3 Scoops

Chicken Teriyaki 

Shrimp Tempura 

Crab Salad 

Lemongrass Tofu 

Salmon Mix 

Spicy Salmon 


Tuna Mix

Spicy Tuna

Squid Salad

Step 4: Pick Your Mix In 

Avocado + $1   

Pineapple Salsa + $0.50

Bell Pep & Onion + $1 

Kale + $0.50  

Saute Mushrooms & Onion + $1

Chickpeas + $0.50   

Kimchi + $0.50 

Seaweed Salad + $1


Kiwi + $1.00  

Shredded Carrots


Mango + $1  

Shredded Lettuce

Fried Egg +1.50  

Pickled Cucumber 

Shredded Purple Cabbage


Pickled Red Onion  

Sweet Corn   

Step 5: Pick Your Toppings (Unlimited)


Green Onion   

Red Pepper Flakes

Coconut Shavings  

Kimchi Furikake  

Salmon Furikake

Cruncky Flakes  


Shredded Nori

Fried Garlic   

Sesame Seeds 

Wonton Crisps

Fried Shallots   

Pickled Ginger 

Step 6: Pick Your Sauce (Choose 2)

Citrus Ponzu 

Pineapple Glaze 


Eel Sauce 

Soy Sauce 

Sweet Chili Sauce

House Shoyu Sauce 

Spicy Mayo 

Wasabi Aiol